After suffering from a several month episode of worsening headaches, I decided to take the plunge and eliminate gluten from my diet. Migraine sufferer for years, the last few months had really gotten me, and so it was time to take a stand. Not gonna lie, living half my life out of a suitcase/ traveling for work makes the transition a little more difficult than I’d like, but luckily I’ve discovered a few gems to help out.

  1. Cafe Metropole in Avalon, CA…. you can pretty much order anything gluten free.. Don’t forget the Bad Hombre (ginger shot with cayenne pepper followed by an orange slice), the veggie stack (pictured here) on a gluten free wrap.
  2. Sun Basket ( allows you to order Paleo, Gluten Free, whatever, organically and to your door.
  3. Simultaneously taking an amazing course by Mel Robbins, #The Power of You to stay motivated through this next month. I love Mel and her #5secondrule which you can have a watch here about…

Anyway… I share this (selfishly) not only to help hold myself accountable to the change, and hopefully improve headaches forever (which they are).. But, to remind you that helping stay healthy in order to surf more sometimes takes a few bigger changes.

For me, conquering these headaches will hopefully allow me to get out in the water more without having to walk around with a black bandana tied around my head, cornered in a dark room sleeping.

And… from a mindset standpoint, taking this course with Mel Robbins is helping me see areas in my life that really need to work on so I can be a better surfer and a better me.

More on the journey next week…